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Project: Goose Island Boiler Room

Bid due date: 07/17/2017 @12:00 PM CST - Central Standard Time - Zone S
Subcontractor Bids due: 07/14/20173:00 PM
Project Description :

This project is a renovation and remodel for the goose island boiler room. The scope of this project consists of a demolition of an approximately 600 sq ft boiler room, removal of existing storage rooms, installation of concrete mat slab for new building foundation, structural steel building frame, mechanical equiptment steel platform, masonry walls, roof insulation and membrane, flash to existing adjacent roof and structures, erection of steam and condensate piping rack, wall penitrations for utility piping and electriacal conduits, new doors and hardware, and painting.

Architect: Design Group

Project: Squadron Operations Facility Building 5008

Bid due date: 07/17/2017 @1 :00 PM CST - Central Standard Time - Zone S
Subcontractor Bids due: 07/14/201701:00 PM
Project Description :

This project consist of repairs to an existing building of approximately 24,500SF. Contractor to preform and complete an overall upgrade to the facility including repairing standing seam roof and replace thermoplastic membrane of existing flat roof, replace loading dock ramp and associated saftey measures, communication equipment support, pavement, extensions and adjustments to the existing floor plan to allow for a more utilized building, HVAC system upgrades to geothermal, interior finish upgradesand structural repair due to seismic classification rezoning. Renovation to include interior walls,ceilings, flooring, electrical systems, plumbing, fire detection and supression, communication support, mechanical and HVAC systems and all other applicable utilities. Seal the exterior masonry walls and caulk all joints as necessary to prevent water infiltration. This project will meet a USGBC LEED silver certifiable level of constructuion.